Living in Serenity

Eliminating extras, selecting what is needed.
A view of enhanced beauty, undistracted by fashion, taken to the level of simplicity – that is, an image of quietude.
The blue of quietude, the vibrancy of elegance.
The form of J-KITCHEN, where stillness and motion coexist, Is presented to the world with a cozy sense of tension.


Japanese tradition now infuses modern life.

There are skills in which rational beauty shines.
There are gorgeous, delicate touches, glowing in the eye and mind.
What is shown to the world now is Japan’ s culture of traditional elegance.
J-KITCHEN displays a sensual air born out of Japanese lifestyles,From materials and functionality of design, to ease of use.
With the presence of an interior, beyond the framework of a kitchen, J-KITCHEN brings a gorgeous space as never seen before,
Fulfilling the promise of a living room.

〈Dark Indigo Glass〉
Color is gentle and graceful.

Japanese color creates a special atmosphere. A feeling for delicate changes in colors through the four seasons is a deep part of Japanese culture.
There are more than a thousand traditional Japanese colors. Kachi-iro – “dark indigo” – is thought to have come from kachi-e, clothing similar to informal kariginu clothing worn by court nobles in the Heian period (794 – 1185). Because the sound of “kachi-e” can be readily associated with katsu – “to win” – the color is valued as a statement of “good fortune.” In J-KITCHEN, various tones of dark indigo are utilized.

Texture is amorous and rich.


The history of lacquer in Japan dates back 9,000 years. Ancient understanding that lacquer not only provides an elegant surface but also helps maintain the wood was passed on orally at first and now as an industrial art.
Lacquerware, adored around the world, is identified with Japan, as familiar as the name of the country. Its glossy surfaces, applied in many layers by masters, are ceaselessly admired. With technological support from Wajima Kirimoto, a leading lacquer workshop in Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture – a center of lacquer production in Japan – J-KITCHEN realizes elegantly distinguished forms.

〈Stretch Sink〉
Functions are varied and casual.

Within Japanese cuisine there is a half-Japanese, half-foreign culture. While traditional methods from diverse foreign cuisines are respected, they are shaped and rearranged into something known but new. Elements of design, function and line-of-flow are required in a kitchen to prepare such foods.
J-KITCHEN offers a sink to make the cooking process more effective and rational. This is the “stretch sink TM” . Born of unique Japanese thinking, it is a sink based on a completely new idea.

〈Touch Sensor Display〉
Innovation is subtle and outstanding.

Bull’ s-eye windows, cornerless, seen commonly at shrines and temples, offer a soothing experience. Seasonal views through such a window in a Japanese room are works of art – a taste deeply rooted in the sentiments of Japanese people.
En – “circle” – symbolizes harmony. J-KITCHEN has refined an elaborate idea allowing its users to enjoy the latest contemporary technology via a bull’ s-eye window arranged in an attractive design. Elegance is unspoiled. Tradition joins the modern age, subtly.